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candied brown sugar cinnamon pecans

peanut butter fudge

apple oatmeal crumble

plain brownies

cookies & cream buried brownies

boston creme cake

pumpkin cake

coffee cake

rice krispy treats with chocolate fudge icing

banana chocolate chip mini loaf

toffee cookies

chocolate chip muffins

strawberry cheese pockets

apple danish

pumpkin cheese turnovers

cherry turnovers

caramel pecan sticky buns

caramel bacon sticky buns

white sandwich bread

multi grain sandwich bread

cinnamon raisin bread

french country sourdough bread

jalapeno cheddar foccacia

italian 3 cheese focaccia

pepperoni focaccia

Tartesso Farmer's Market

Breakfast calzones from 8:00-10:00

Sausage, gravy, egg, & cheese

Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast calzone

Lunch calzones from 10:00-12:00!

5 cheeses, sauce

Pepperoni, cheese, sauce

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, cheese, sauce

Papi's Pizza at the Market


You deserve to treat yourself on Sunday mornings! Ruben gets up extra early on Sunday mornings to make pan au chocolat (chocolate croissants), bear claws (almond croissants), and flaky butter croissants. We also have bacon cheddar biscuits, and occasionally danish and turnovers available for delivery to your door for a weekend treat! 

Price range: $3-$5

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